Valeriya Lyubetskaya, a poetess
The most existential poetess of our time. Her spiritual interests are concentrated on the experience of eternal life. She uses the most refined language created by Russian literature as wall as à specific old slavonik-russian vocabulary for an achievement of extremal expression.
Born January 24,1943, Blagoveschensk, Bashkiriya.
Graduated from the historico-philological faculty of Gorky University in 1966.
Author and leader of the literary programms during 1963-1974 (Gorky TV), 1975-1991 (Ostankino TV, Moscow) and 1992-1996 (VGTRK, Moscow).
Author of philosophical-religious poetical works, which in many features follow the tradition of Afanasiy Fet and Vladimir Soloviov in Russian poetry, and Nikolay Berdyaev- in Russian philosophy. Her works could not be published for many years during the Soviet Regime.
Public readings of her own works - for limited audience in Gorky and Moscow. First american appearence - in the fall of 1990, Washington, D.C. Later — in Amsterdam during V.Artyomov's Festival.
Author of librettos to the Vyacheslav Artyomov's ballets "Oresteia" (after Aeshillos), "Sola Fide"( after A.Tolstoy’s "Road to Calvary") and "A Woman-Serpent" (after Carlo Gozzi). Author of screen plays for TV films "Gentle Emanation", "Morning Star Arises",
Book  of Radiance
Verses in Russian
Via Crucis
Press release
The New Times
Article in Russian
"Awakening", "Symphony of the Way", "Artyomov-Festival of the Premiers", "Artyomov- Requiem"(series of 3 films).
Author of poetical transcriptions from R.-Ì.Rilke's "Sonnets to Orpheus", as well as from holland, german, georgian,
armenian and belorussian poetry.
Author of articles on contemporary music and literary reviews in periodicals.
Full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2001).
General director of the Foundation for Spiritual Creation — since 1992.
In 1995 she was granted with the Pearl Rosary by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.
Selected. "FSC". Moscow. 1994.
The Book of Radiance."Agar". Moscow. 2000.
Via Crucis. "Vodoley". Moscow. 2009 (with two CD's).
"Redemption" (V.Lyubetskaya reading her poems to the music of Requiem by V.Artyomov). 2002. "Gramzapis" GCD 00335
"God’s City" (V.Lyubetskaya reading her poems to the music of A Garland of Recitations and A Symphony of Elegies by V.Artyomov). 2002. "Gramzapis" GCD 00334